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Mors - A Refreshing and Healthy Very Berry Drink

Mors, is an incredibly easy to make and most importantly, delicious drink made from berries. It is a perfect beverage in the winter, since it is vitamin-packed to keep you healthy and could be served warm. It is also a healthy and refreshing option for those sweltering summer days, if served chilled.



Simply wash your favorite fresh or defrosted berries. We used an amazing infusion of berries such as, cranberries, red currants, blackberries and blueberries. Feel free to use whatever berries you like, either a combination or a single type of berries.



Combine all the berries in a large bowl or a pot and cover them with boiling water. As an option, you could add a little bit of cinnamon to the Mors.



Cover the bowl and let the berries stand and cool of for a couple of hours. When the mixture cools off, combine about a half a cup of honey and boiling water, stir until the honey dissolves and pour into the Mors.  Serve warm or pour into bottles and refrigerate. There is no need to strain the berries, but if you choose to, they could be snacked on separately, as is or with a little bit of brown sugar!

Here is to healthy drinks!





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