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Balancing Act


Do you feel that you always have to keep all the balls up in the air? Do you ever feel the need to step back and smell the flowers, but you can 't for the fear that something will go wrong somewhere?


Well... we are with you!  It is important to realize that we need balance the most in our lives. If one area is abundant or ok and another is somewhat lacking it is hard to move forward.  If things go well with your family life but your health is failing you need to restore your balance.  





Think of  your own life  wheel and see what areas might need improvement and what stumbling blocks do you need to overcome to get to next higher road in your life. Click here for a useful exercise to help you create your life wheel.


The table setting  is symbolic.  It reflects our life journeys and things we see and meet along the way. We need the strength to overcome hurdles, and the beauty to surround and inspire our steps.



We chose a vintage wagon wheel to represent that life journey, the vintage copper pitcher set illustrative of the strength needed overcome challenges yet it is also malleable enough to adapt to new circumstances.  The shears are the tools we need to cut out the things we don't need.  The flowers fruit and wine are symbols of nature and life that are part of the natural cycle.    




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