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Faux-Berge Eggs! Easter egg coloring, decorating and more!

This week we were having some real fun!


We created a table arrangement using a variety of colorful eggs.  Set with amazingly tasty appetizers including Delicious Gluten free crepes!  Catch the recipe here.


For some of the egg dying techniques we've used natural ingredients like cranberries, turmeric and onion peels.  See the video below for a step by step tutorial.




These deviled egg bunnies are so adorable!  



Egg coloring took a creative turn, when we added natural paints and food coloring. Then it got really out of hand when we've introduced  BLING and silver leaf to our egg babies. The result was so FAUX-berge! We gave our eggs the look and feel of luxury.  See the result in the photos below.  






 Have a great and fun time this season, get creative with  decorating your eggs. It's a fun project for the whole family.

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 Yours Truly,


The Table Tribe



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