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A Rooftop Urban Party Setting


 Early fall in New York City, the days of excitement and beauty.  Our gorgeous city, the Big Apple,  cherishes the get-togethers with friends and family during this cozy season. As we welcome the golden Autumn, we wanted to say thank you and farewell to the muggy days of summer with an urban style bash.


As any New Yorker knows, space is a luxury here. It sometimes seems that we live in a giant ant colony. However, we got extremely lucky with a garage roof and amazing neighbors, in beautiful Brooklyn, who were fine with us having a little soirée.



For everyone's enjoyment we brought out a movie projector and decided to a play, once the sun sets,  a beloved classic film, "Breakfast at Tiffany's". In the meantime, while we were preparing the snacks and drinks, the kids enjoyed a game of Twister on a warm urban afternoon.  Laughter guaranteed!



For this event we decided to have some finger food, a delicious pasta salad and a couple of signature cocktails to impress our guests.





Our assortment tray consisted of amazing finds from an Aldi store that we are so fortunate to have near by. The variety of fresh cheese, smoked meats and fresh fruits and vegetables kept everyone happy.



For our younger guests we had caramel apples as a treat which was also an Aldi store find.



The pasta salad was a delicious addition to our table. For the recipe please click on the video below.





Our first signature cocktail was an Apple Cosmopolitan. Which is oooh so yummy and refreshing:


Serves 1


2 oz Svedka vodka

1 oz Master of Mixes Sour Apple Martini Mixer

Shake the ingredients in a shaker

Strain into glass

Add a splash of Sprite

Garnish with cucumber slices

We added a bit of gold as a garnish as well









We decided to call our second signature cocktail "San Pellegrino Breeze". It is a super easy to make and a delicious drink.


Serves 1


2 oz of Captain Morgan Spiced rum

Pour the rum over ice

Fill the rest of the glass with San Pellegrino Prickly Pear Sparkling Water

Garnish with orange slices, lime and cocktail cherries


This video will show you how:








As the sun set, we all gathered around the screen and enjoyed a relaxing urban evening!











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Happy Living!


The Table Tribe.


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