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Holiday Dinner Party - Creating the Ambiance!




Hello, and welcome to the party table central!  Warm holiday wishes to you! This is the time of the year to get cozy and spend some quality time with dear ones.  If you are hosting anything this year don't worry! At least we have the stylistics of your party covered.  All you need to do, is to pull out some fancy china you've been storing somewhere all year. Hey, this is what we did. Everything else in this design was a spur of the moment things we had at hand and others at foot (literally).  The result was unexpectedly universal and good for anything at all you may be celebrating this season.  So let's pick this baby apart!


We wanted something unusual and artsy yet on the budget. So, this is what we did, went outside and picked some reeds dried flowers and combined them with driftwood, added paint, and then arranged it and this is the result!  The video tutorial for those is in the making, meanwhile you can see detailed photos here



Here we went for a more neutral and natural look, great for any celebration.  We were so happy we've had these plates. The plant and butterfly theme is so trendy this year! 

Flatware for this one had to have that handmade look, wrought iron was perfect.  Cute!











Nothing makes a table more "lit" than candles! They are essential to festive table decor.  The key is to mix a few different sizes and thicknesses.  Instead of scented candles, we adore these natural bees wax candles that have a very subtle scent of honey. Amazing! 






And finally, pour some wine and hit the big switch! Turn on a holiday playlist and go for the ambient light that will make your party so much more cozy welcoming.  We've selected Tiffany's lamp, as the stained glass gives off a nice colorful light.  It's sure to inspire deep and lingering conversation without that unwanted interrogation glare. :)















And most important don't forget to have fun and enjoy your holidays.  Have a bright and shiny New Year and please support us by following and commenting our social media channels.  We're now adding content every week and love love love to hear back from you! So please comment, subscribe!


Thank you and happy holidays!



Your ladies at The Table Tribe

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