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Hanukkah Tablescape




Typically, Sara and I are not really a part of any organized religion.  But, what we do love is maintaining traditions, holidays, gatherings with family and friends, and keeping a light burning in our hearts.  One of our most favorite is HANUKKAH.  So here we are at it again!


Sara and I did a table setting inspired by the festival of lights. We hope it puts you in the right mood, and inspires you to wish for a better world around you.  


The meaning of this ancient holiday is all about the endurance of the human spirit and divine intervention working together to create miracles and you don't even need to be born Jewish to celebrate it.  As a bonus we're including my grandma Sarah's basic latke recipe, one of the very traditional dishes of Hanukkah. Children also receive money each day as a gift! We used the modern tradition of chocolate coins to symbolize this. (You can find these in abundance at most local shopping giants such as Stop & Shop (Yasss))   Roll out the gold and enjoy!


Ok, SO ......a quick briefing on Hanukkah for those of our readers who don't know much about this celebration. It is much about gathering 'round the holiday table but more about the miracles that happen in our lives.  We light one candle on the menorah each evening for eight nights. (Read up on the why) The last evening is the one big celebration when all eight candles are lit. These are a special type of candles that are blessed by a rabbi which you can buy anywhere online or local shops often have them.





We've decided to keep this table setting fairly ceremonious this time. This is an inclusive holiday in the sense that your home remains open for all family and friends. Some simply can't imagine not having traditional colors, foods, and settings.


Tradition doesn't have to mean boring!


We used a menorah with real candles for the table, (for the love of G-d please only use the light bulb ones for window display or office settings! PULEASE)


We used white elegant plates by Vera Wang and Polish pottery serving dishes, chocolate coins and some ancient looking elements that bring a remembrance of the importance of this holiday. Hope that spins your dreidel!



And now onto the LATKES recipe.


Ingredients: (We bought from Trader Joe's)

Organic potatoes - 5 Medium, shredded

Flour - 2 Tablespoons

Eggs - 2 large, beaten

Sunflower Oil (or your favorite alternative)

Salt and fresh ground pepper to taste


In a large bowl combine grated potatoes (juice well squeezed out), eggs, flour, salt and pepper.  Form two inch balls with the mixture.  Heat oil in a skillet on medium-high.  Place latkes on the skillet, flattening them a little. Fry for 10 min on each side until golden. Drain on a paper towel lined plate. Enjoy these nutritious potato latkes with some sour cream and/or apple sauce.



Happy Holidays and Fun Hosting,


From the Table Tribe


Images and table settings by Sara Kabatsky and Anastasia Z


We can set the table for any of your special occasions, just drop us a line!









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